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How to Build Your Village

.redcircle-link:link { color: #ea404d; text-decoration: none; } .redcircle-link:hover { color: #ea404d; } .redcircle-link:active { color: #ea404d; } .redcircle-link:visited { color: #ea404d; } Powered by RedCircle You can build your village, says Florence Ann Romano. Most of us have heard that “it takes a village” to help children and adults thrive. We also want to know … Continue reading How to Build Your Village

Listener Q & A: Boy Communication, Socialization, & Girl Power

Why do boys….? Bringing up boys brings up all kinds of questions! Jen & Janet have answers. Tamara asks: Why do boys communicate through physical touch/aggression and use sarcasm for communication rather than regular conversation? Katrina worries that her son may be alienating himself from his friends — and missing out on social opportunities — … Continue reading Listener Q & A: Boy Communication, Socialization, & Girl Power

Step in or Step Back?

Independence is good for kids.  Helicopter parenting is bad for kids. But figuring out when to step in or step back…well, that’s a challenge! When another boy punched her 11 year old son in the face during hockey practice, writer and “boy mom” Caren Chesler acted immediately. “I had one leg over the half-wall and … Continue reading Step in or Step Back?

A Revolution for Men & Boys

One of our favorite musicals is Les Miserables, which is a story about the French revolution. It’s also the story of love and transformation. What does that have to do with raising boys? Today’s guest is Dr. Charles Corprew, a psychologist and host of the podcast “What’s Your Revolution?” Charles is passionate about revolution — … Continue reading A Revolution for Men & Boys

Teaching Boys Social Skills

Boys interact differently than girls do. Sure, some of that is socialization. (A lot of that is probably socialization.) But the fact remains: boys’ interactions on the playground, in school and at home are different than girls’. The way boys greet and play with one another is different than the way girls do so — … Continue reading Teaching Boys Social Skills