Healthy Sports Parenting

Is healthy sports parenting possible? At elite levels of competition? If you watched the 2020 summer Olympics (held summer 2021), you know that the stress & strain of elite competition was a big focus this year. Simone Biles had the “twisties.” Michael Phelps talked about his bouts with depression. A few months after the Olympics, … Continue reading Healthy Sports Parenting

Boy Moms as Boy Advocates

Boy moms make the most effective boy advocates.  That’s a lesson Gemma Gaudette learned early on. Gaudette, the host of Idaho Matters on Boise State Public Radio and the mom of 2 sons, ages 13 and 9, didn’t really understand the challenges boys face in the world until she had sons. Now, she believes that moms … Continue reading Boy Moms as Boy Advocates

Parenting Sexually Active Boys

Like it or not, your son will probably become sexually active at some point.  Do you… a) buy him condoms? b) let his romantic interest stay over? c) say ABSOLUTELY NOT to sleep over requests? d) freak out? Or….???? Note: there are no “right” answers to these questions. Each family has their own values regarding … Continue reading Parenting Sexually Active Boys

The Musical Child with Joan Koenig

Is your son musical?  Yes, he is — even if hates singing, doesn’t play an instrument, and acts up in music class. Human beings are inherently musical creatures, according to Joan Koenig, author of The Musical Child: Using the Power of Music to Raise Children Who Are Happy, Healthy, and Whole. In her book, Joan … Continue reading The Musical Child with Joan Koenig

Seth Perler TEFOS Summit & Executive Function

If you attended Seth Perler’s TEFOS summit — The Executive Function Online Summit — and want more info, you’re in the right place. (And if you missed the summit, no worries! You can still access recordings, and you’ll get a lot from this podcast episode as well.) We first talked to Seth Perler about executive … Continue reading Seth Perler TEFOS Summit & Executive Function

Amy Lang on How to Keep Boys Safe Online

Amy Lang is our go-to sex ed expert. She’s a mom of a son and she’s not afraid to talk frankly about sex, pornography, relationships and consent. Our January 2021 conversation with Amy — all about how keep boys safe online — was so enlightening and informative that we’ve decided to run it again. Some … Continue reading Amy Lang on How to Keep Boys Safe Online

Meghan Leahy on Parenting Outside the Lines

Meghan Leahy is one of our favorite parenting experts. Her advice is grounded in experience (she’s got 3 kids and is a parenting columnist for the Washington Post), understanding (again: she’s got 3 kids!), and compassion (like the rest of us, she’s exhausted and overwhelmed). She’s honest, engaging and an absolute hoot. Her latest book, … Continue reading Meghan Leahy on Parenting Outside the Lines

You Can Thrive with Chronic Illness and Special Needs

Yes, you can thrive with chronic illness and special needs. In fact, you can create a Very Happy Story no matter what challenges you’re dealing with on the home front. Liza Blas, a mom of two, created the Very Happy Stories podcast and blog after realizing that her overwhelm was overwhelming her family. She also … Continue reading You Can Thrive with Chronic Illness and Special Needs

Troubled Boys (w Kenneth R. Rosen)

What do you with troubled boys? With boys who are failing school, sneaking off, and using substances? Boys who have resisted disciplinary efforts and redirection? That’s the question at the heart of Kenneth R. Rosen’s latest book, Troubled: The Failed Promise of America’s Behavioral Treatment Programs. There are no easy answers to that question but … Continue reading Troubled Boys (w Kenneth R. Rosen)

How to NOT Raise an A-Hole

When we become parents, someone really should hand us a book that details, exactly, how to NOT raise an a-hole.  Karen Alpert (of the blog Baby Sideburns), a mom of two and author of Mamas, Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up to be A-Holes: Unfiltered Advice on How to Raise Awesome Kids, recognizes that parents … Continue reading How to NOT Raise an A-Hole