Gender Differences, Bragging & Raising World Citizens

It’s time for another listener Q & A!

A Boys Alive! FB group member asks:

How can I interest a teen boy in becoming a good world citizen?

A Twitter follower asks:

What do you say to boys who say they’re the best at…whatever the conversation is about. I’ve heard this from multiple 7/8/9 yo boys. So much bragging.

Jacquie asks:

How do we help people understand that there are differences between boys and girls and that it’s OK to recognize that fact? So often, we are focused on saying, ‘girls can do anything boys can do’ that we forget there are things girls may not want to do or boys tend to do more naturally.

Greg asks:

Why won’t they listen?

In this episode, Jen & Janet discuss:
  • Why you’ll have better luck following your son’s lead than trying to plot his direction
  • How to enlarge your son’s world and expand his point-of-view, no matter where you live (or the size of your budget)
  • How to reign in your own anxiety (Note: your son’s behavior is not a judgement of your parenting!)
  • How to handle boys’ boasting
  • Why boys brag
  • Talking about gender differences between boys and girls
  • Respecting individual differences
  • How parents can advocate for boys
  • The Handmaid’s Tale (trust us: it’s relevant)
  • How to help boys listen
  • Biological factors that affect boys’ ability to listen
Links we mentioned (or should have) in this episode:

Boys Overestimate Their School Skills, Girls Underestimate Theirs — study mentioned at 9:09

Girls Underestimate Their STEM Aptitude, Boys Overestimate — similar study

Gender Hearing Differences –– blog post that explores why boys  may not listen as well as you think they should

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