Four Years of ON BOYS

Four years of ON BOYS podcast! 214 episodes, more than 900,000 downloads, and countless deep, moving moments. We’ve talked about vaping, sex, boys & body image, consent, connection, and misconceptions about boys. We wrestle with gender stereotypes, education, and the real-life struggles of living with boys. Janet and Jen collectively devote up to 10 hours … Continue reading Four Years of ON BOYS

Raising LGBTQ Allies

How do we raise LBGTQ allies? We know boys are (still) subject to a lot of homophobia and transphobia. Our culture is full of messages that tell boys it’s best to be straight and stereotypically masculine. And though many of us think we’re raising our boys to tolerant, inclusive, and accepting, they may be getting … Continue reading Raising LGBTQ Allies

Myths & Misconceptions About Boys

How many of these myths & misconceptions about boys have you heard? How many do you believe? “Boys are easier than girls.” “Boys are less emotional than girls.” “Boys leave their families when they grow up.” “With boys, you don’t have to fight over clothing choices.” “There’s less to worry about with a son than … Continue reading Myths & Misconceptions About Boys

Empowering Boys w Laurie A. Couture

Empowering boys is one powerful way to address the boy crisis. Some people — often, people who don’t have or work with boys — wonder why boys need to be empowered. After all, they say, men still control most businesses and countries. But boys struggle in the classroom and in our communities. “Dangerous double standards” … Continue reading Empowering Boys w Laurie A. Couture

Brain-Body Parenting with Dr. Mona Delahooke

Brain-body parenting can help you raise joyful, resilient boys, says Dr. Mona Delahooke. Boys’ behavior offers clues as to what’s going on inside the child — and deciphering what’s happening internally can help us tailor our response to the unique human individual before us. It’s time to  “move from focusing on behaviors to focusing on … Continue reading Brain-Body Parenting with Dr. Mona Delahooke

Picky Eaters, Family Meals, & Nutrition

Picky eaters… are incredibly common. Nearly all kids go through food jags. ALL humans have food preferences. Navigating all of this around the dinner table, though, can feel frustrating and overwhelming. Even for experts. “I felt confident going into parenting!” says Rebecca Toutant, a registered dietician who began her career helping children with autism and … Continue reading Picky Eaters, Family Meals, & Nutrition

Gender Norms Limit Boys (& Girls)

Gender norms still (and unnecessarily!) limit boys, says journalist Lisa Selin Davis, author of Tomboy: The Surprising History and Future of Girls Who Dare to be Different. Which may not be an accident, since gender norms (as we know them today) were essentially created to ensure that male children grew into straight, non-homosexual men. “The … Continue reading Gender Norms Limit Boys (& Girls)

Navigating Race, Gender & Motherhood So White

Nefertiti Austin’s son was 6 yrs old when she realized he’d “have to learn that his race and gender could get him killed,” she writes in Motherhood So White: A Memoir of Race, Gender, and Parenting in America. That’s not a lesson white boys have to learn, and that’s one consequence of living in a … Continue reading Navigating Race, Gender & Motherhood So White

Sports & Masculinity

Sports and masculinity have long been intertwined. For a long time, boys and men were the only ones who were allowed to play sports. Athletic fields and locker rooms were seen as places where boys became men. We’ve seen where that can lead. We’ve seen little boys & teenagers told to “man up!”, “rub some … Continue reading Sports & Masculinity

How to Have a Kid and a Life

Yes, it’s possible to have a kid and a life. A life beyond babies, boys, and ballgames. A life that includes your hopes, dreams, and passions. It’s normal (and healthy) for your career, marriage, and friendships to shift and evolve when you become a parent. But you don’t have to give your all to parenting. … Continue reading How to Have a Kid and a Life