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Teens and Sleep with Lisa Lewis

Sleep is as important to our teens as our toddlers. But ensuring a teenage boy gets the sleep he needs is even more difficult than convincing a toddler to nap that day after you move him from the crib to a toddler bed. Teen boys are even more strong-willed than toddlers — and most are … Continue reading Teens and Sleep with Lisa Lewis

Dads, Boys, & Masculinity

Dads need to help boys understand and shape masculinity. In years past, fathers were often “there, but not there,” according to Craig Wilkinson, a dad of two and founder of Father a Nation, a South African nonprofit that addresses gender-based violence, crime and fatherlessness by restoring and equipping  men to be nation-builders, fathers and role … Continue reading Dads, Boys, & Masculinity

Finding Ecohappiness

Finding ecohappiness can decrease boys’ anxiety levels and increase family harmony.  There’s a strong — and direct — link between time in nature and mental health. Human beings require nature exposure for optimal physical and mental health. Of course, that’s easier to say than to achieve in modern life, when many of us live in … Continue reading Finding Ecohappiness

Mathew Blades on Healing Generational Trauma

Mathew Blades was a father and successful radio DJ before he recognized the impact of generational trauma on his life. On his boys’ lives. Sure, his childhood included a lot of screaming and some spanking. And sure, his father died abruptly when Mathew was just 23 years old. Stuff happens. Mathew did what most people … Continue reading Mathew Blades on Healing Generational Trauma

Sex Talks with Tweens

Sex talks with tweens can be…awkward.  Even Amy Lang, ON BOYS’ go-to sex ed guru, stumbled through her initial sex talks with her son. “I thought I’d be great at it, but I just wasn’t,” she says. “I realized I’d rather talk to a 15 year old about their pregnancy than talk to my five … Continue reading Sex Talks with Tweens

Helping Boys Develop Healthy Body Image

How can we help boys develop healthy body image?  That’s not a question parents of boys asked in previous generations. Girls, parents thought, were the ones at risk for body dissatisfaction, given the constant onslaught of heavily stylized (and often Photoshopped) images of impossibly perfect and thin women featured in magazines, movies, and TV shows. … Continue reading Helping Boys Develop Healthy Body Image

Global Initiative for Boys and Men

The Global Initiative for Boys & Men (GIBM) focuses on research and advocacy to support boys and men, according to Sean Kullman, the group’s president. GIBM has established a BAM index, a Boys and Men Well-Being Index, an open-source resource packed with information and statistics the reflect the well-being of boys and men. The BAM … Continue reading Global Initiative for Boys and Men

How Microschools and Black Moms May End the School to Prison Pipeline

When they realized that schools wouldn’t change quickly enough to meet their kids’ needs, members of the Black Mothers Forum opened microschools, with an eye toward ending the school to prison pipeline. Existing school leaders and educators “really did not understand how to create a safe and supportive learning environment for our Black children,” say … Continue reading How Microschools and Black Moms May End the School to Prison Pipeline

Raising LGBTQ Allies

How do we raise LBGTQ allies? We know boys are (still) subject to a lot of homophobia and transphobia. Our culture is full of messages that tell boys it’s best to be straight and stereotypically masculine. And though many of us think we’re raising our boys to tolerant, inclusive, and accepting, they may be getting … Continue reading Raising LGBTQ Allies

Myths & Misconceptions About Boys

How many of these myths & misconceptions about boys have you heard? How many do you believe? “Boys are easier than girls.” “Boys are less emotional than girls.” “Boys leave their families when they grow up.” “With boys, you don’t have to fight over clothing choices.” “There’s less to worry about with a son than … Continue reading Myths & Misconceptions About Boys