Sue Atkins Tackles Common Parenting Questions

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Sue Atkins encourages parents to slow down, relax, & learn from their children.

“We are rushing through life,” says the UK parenting guru.. “We rush everything — we rush our children to eat their breakfast, to do their shoes up, to brush their teeth. And I think children have got something to teach us, because they just don’t worry about those things. They take their time.”

Atkins also encourages parents to “exude confidence” — even if they’re not feeling 100% confident — via their voice & body language. She also reminds parents that they’re doing a better job than they probably think.

“If you’re kind; if you’re loving; if you have firm, fair, consistent boundaries and the kids know them and know you’ll follow through on consequences, they’ll learn to self-regulate,” she says. “They’ll learn it from you first and then they’ll implement it as they grow and change.”

Focus on the big picture and “lighten up a bit,” Atkins says. “Parenting is an adventure.”


In this episode, Jen, Janet, & Sue discuss:
  • Sue’s experience of pregnancy & parenting
  • How to develop patience
  • Why self-care isn’t selfish
  • How to get kids to listen
  • Developing parental confidence
  • Teaching kindness
  • Unmotivated teenage/young adult males
  • Letting boys make mistakes
  • Managing disrespect
  • Parenting after divorce
  • Screen time (Spoiler alert: Better to balance than ban!)
  • How to avoid overreacting to boys’ behavior
  • Creating space to connect
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