Parenting Boys with Maggie Dent – Part 1

Maggie Dent

Our friend Maggie Dent  will be in British Columbia later this month, so we thought this would be a great time to re-share her wisdom & encouragement! Maggie the mom of four now-grown boys, a parenting educator & author of numerous books, including Mothering Our Boys: A Guide for Moms of Sons.

This conversation was originally recorded in December 2018 but the advice here is timeless. Enjoy!

Some gems:

Moms, be careful not to shatter your boys’ dreams or fantastic plans with your words.

It is helpful to explore why there is often a mismatch between what a mom thinks has happened, and what a boy thinks has happened.

That whole perception that there is an inevitability to boys’ behavior being bad is just the biggest fallacy out there that we must pull apart.

In this episode, Maggie, Janet & Jen discuss:
  • Why shaming is so harmful to boys
  • Societal changes within the past 30 years that have made life tougher for boys & their families (including increased academic expectations & the demise of free play)
  • The importance of PLAY
  • Male loneliness (and how to help boys build connections)
  • The link between movement and learning
  • How negative stereotypes about boys & boy behavior affect how people view — and treat — boys
  • What to do when boys muck up

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