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Parenting Tween & Teenage Boys

Are all teenage boys jerks? That’s the question we tackle in this episode, albeit with some more colorful language. (Heads up: If you’re opposed to the word “asshole,” you might want to skip this episode. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “When did my kid become such an asshole?!?” you’re definitely going to want to … Continue reading Parenting Tween & Teenage Boys

145 Masculinity Goes Viral: The APA Guidelines, Gillette Ad & Boys of Covington High School

By now, you’ve probably seen this picture… …and heard about Gillette’s new ad, The Best Men Can Be Maybe you’ve even heard about the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men, which some applaud and some condemn. (Two recent headlines: “Toxic Masculinity is Under Attack. And That’s Fine,” from a left-leaning … Continue reading 145 Masculinity Goes Viral: The APA Guidelines, Gillette Ad & Boys of Covington High School

141: Best of 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, we reflect back on our first year.  This podcast launched on March 12, 2018. Since then, we’ve recorded 40+ episodes, on everything from tween boy hygiene to how to talk to boys about sex, consent and masculinity in the #MeToo era. We hosted 11 guests, including Warren Farrell (author … Continue reading 141: Best of 2018

119 Consent with Mike Domitrz

Kids want the skill set to empower them to make the right choices. — Mike Domitrz, founder of The Date Safe Project & father of 4 boys Talking to boys about consent is a must. It’s also incredibly challenging and a bit intimidating. Let’s face it: if adults were consistently good at consent, there wouldn’t … Continue reading 119 Consent with Mike Domitrz

Meet Janet

I am THRILLED to be collaborating with Jen! Have you ever met someone and instantly clicked?  That’s us! We collaborated on a webinar last year (which we lovingly called, “The Janet and Jen Show.”) We were so in-sync that we finished each other’s sentences and were working on task while the other was emailing saying … Continue reading Meet Janet