ON BOYS Most Popular Episode of 2021

ON BOYS listeners really want to know how to keep boys safe online.

Which makes sense, given that the internet is a portal to all kinds of free and easily accessible porn — as well as conspiracy theories, disinformation, and peer pressure.

In January 2021, we asked our friend Amy Lang to help us address this question, and she did not disappoint. The resulting episode was so well-received that it became our most popular episode of 2021. Keeping Boys Safe Online has been downloaded more than 8,000 times!

(For context: That’s 1,000 more downloads than our next most popular episode.)

A few highlights:

“All the research shows that parents are the most important influence when it comes to sexual decision-making. If we don’t get in the door early, our impact is less. It’s really important to establish yourself as their go-to person.”


“I think it’s way more important to be sexually savvy and to understand healthy relationships than to score a 9000 on the PSAT.”

In this episode, Jen, Janet & Amy discuss:
  • Why you need to talk to your boys about sex a lot sooner than you think
  • How boys accidently encounter porn
  • Setting the stage to talk about sex
  • Does talking to boys about porn encourage them to seek it out?
  • Establishing family guidelines re internet usage
  • The difference between parental controls and monitoring (and how to use each)
  • How porn affects boys
  • Preparing boys for porn exposure
  • Helping boys resist peer pressure to look at porn
  • Keeping boys safe online
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