Listener Q & A: Supporting Sibling Relationships, Finding Common Ground & More

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How do you support sibling relationships and build brother-sister bonds? Or connect with a tween son?

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Those are just a few of the questions Jen & Janet tackle in 2023’s first listener Q & A.

Matthew says:

We have 3 boys (15, 17, & 19) and 3 girls (2, 9, & 13)…our boys are incredibly close, practically best friends, and our girls are similar. What can we do to bring the groups closer together? We have tried divide and conquer (mixing who runs errands with us and such), game nights, movie nights, outings…

The girls are always more receptive, but the boys act like they’ve been plague-ridden to have to tolerate their sisters for more than a mealtime…

Cheslea asks:

What suggestions do you have for common interests with your boys? It feels like we have almost nothing in common…

Britney wonders:

Is it normal for the teen boy to push moms away during this time and cling to dads? 

while another Britney and Susan ask:

 Why is he such a butt head? Why do they know everything at the age of 16?!

Karon asks:

What steps should I take to monitor my 13-year-old’s online gaming?..I’d love tips/advice on keeping his gaming time in check.

Kate wants to know:

How can a 7 yr old have so much anger and attitude?

Our answers to their questions might give you some insight into your own parenting challenges.

In this episode, Jen & Janet discuss:
  • Supporting sibling relationships
  • Building brother-sister bonds
  • How time solves many parenting problems
  • Connecting w a tween son (whose interests differ from yours)
  • Mother/son (and father/son) relationships during adolescence
  • Self-care during your son’s teen years
  • Monitoring online gaming
  • Boys & anger
  • Teen boys
  • The importance of connection, community, and mentors for parents of boys
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