Help Boys Listen & Learn (Listener Q & A)

How do we help boys listen & learn? 

Image by Andrew Steele via Flickr

In month whatever of the pandemic, we’re all grappling with a lot of tough questions, including what to do about school and injustice and inequality. We can’t give you any easy answers regarding schooling during  the cornonavirus pandemic or the fight for equality and justice. There aren’t any easy answers to those complex situations. However, we CAN equip you with some information and strategies that will help boys listen and learn.

In this Listener Q & A, we discuss male communication and learning during a pandemic.

Jacquie asks:

How are these new [pandemic-related] policies going to make school even harder for our boys? Talking about social distancing, less chance to play with others…

Ashley asks:

Why don’t males listen? What am I doing wrong?

Leah asks:

What does “use 80% less words” look like in practice?

Leah says:

I find it fascinating watching how my older son (age 23) is ‘cutting the apron strings’ and gravitating toward his dad.So my questions are: When can we expect this to happen? How do we make that process as pain-free as possible (or, in reverse, make it angst-ridden)? What is the science behind them needed to do that? Why is it important?

In this episode, Jen & Janet discuss:
  • How parents can support schools and learning during the pandemic
  • Meeting boys’ need for movement and connection in an era of social distancing
  • When to opt-out of school
  • Accepting your kids’ “normal”
  • What’s really going on when boys “don’t listen”
  • How to get your son to listen (Spoiler alert: Connect before you direct.)
  • Improving communication with your son
  • Managing feelings of disrespect
  • Boys’ relationship w their dads
  • When boys start to pull away from mom
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