Dads Speak on Father’s Day

Dads are so important!

We can’t talk about raising boys without also talking about the men who help create and parent them. Dad were boys long before they were fathers, and they understand boyhood and the path to manhood in a way we never will. So, this Father’s Day, we turned the mic over to 5 dads:

Doc, a Wisconsin-based father of 3

Doc & his 3 kids

Doc’s advice for moms of boys: “It’s going to be OK. It takes boys a long time to fully develop.”

Luis, a NY-based dad of 2 boys….

Louis, dad of 2

….who says, “I didn’t realize I’d be afraid for my children so often.”

Chris, a New Hamsphire resident and father of 2

Chris, Dad of 2

Chris reminds us that “your boys don’t need you to a superhero. They need you to be kind. They need you to be model of how to manage strong emotions and strong feelings. They need you to be YOU.”

Phillip, a Portland, OR-based father and grandfather

Phillip, Dad & Papa

Boys, Phillip says, have a lot of energy and good intentions.

Casey, an Idaho-based dad of 2 young boys

Casey, Dad of 2

“The father/son relationship is so challenging,” Chris says, noting that his view of his dad has changed over the years. Now, Chris says he’s “inspired to be just like.”


In this episode, the dads discuss:Fatherhood
  • How mothers can support fathers
  • What dads are trying to teach their sons
  • What moms need to know about boys
  • The mother/son relationship
  • The father/son relationship
  • Parenting boys
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