Best of 2023

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Which ON BOYS episodes were the Best of 2023? 

Photo by Photo by Engin Akyurt via Pexels

Your favorites include:

5. Simplicity Parenting with Kim John Payne

Simplicity parenting prioritizes a balanced schedule, predictable rhythm, and decluttered, information-filtered family environment…

The antidote to constant overwhelm is simple, Payne says. It’s simplicity. He advises parents to “dial back”…

4. Parental Accommodation & ADHD (featuring ADHD Dude Ryan Wexelblatt)

“Parental accommodation is when parents change their behavior to alleviate or avoid their child’s temporary distress,” Ryan says. It’s often done out of love — and fear. Doing so may avoid some conflict, but it allows unhelpful behaviors to continue….

3. Talking to Tween & Teen Boys (featuring Johnathon Reed of NextGenMen)

boys won’t necessarily tell you about their problems. “If boys are struggling, often they’re struggling in silence,” Reed says. “There’s still a stigma against asking for help, particularly when it also means admitting a weakness or a vulnerability.”

2. Teen Boys’ Emotional LIves (featuring Brendan Kwiatkowski, PhD)

…the #1 reason why teen boys restrict emotion (& emotional expression) is because “they don’t want to burden other people.”

The #2 reason is “fear of judgment.”

1. Parenting “Spicy” Boys (featuring Mary Van Geffen)

“Spicy” boys are those who express themselves in big and loud ways, feel things intensely, and have energy to spare…They often are very persistent and quite emotionally intelligent.

A few of our other 2023 favorites:

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Phyllis Fagell Discuss Middle School Superpowers

Nonverbal Communication with Boys

Boys, Babies, & Breastfeeding

Calm the Chaos: Parenting Challenging Kids

Emotional Lives of Teens

Why Now is the Best Time to Raise Boys

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