113: Lying, Risk, & How to Advocate for Boys (Listener Q&A, Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our first Listener Q & A!

This week, Jen & Janet tackle 3 more questions:

  1. “What strategies do you use to deal with a sudden increase in lying in pre-teen boys?”
  2. “What’s the best way to allow young boys to be adventurous/risky physically while maintaining a clear, safe boundary and being a responsible parent?”
  3. “How do you talk about the needs of boys and the help they need without sounding dismissive of girls or anti-feminist? For example, as the mother of a boy, I’m not entirely sure I agree with making scouting gender-neutral. I think boys benefit from boys-only time. But how do I make that point without sounding sexist or anti-progressive?”

Have we mentioned that you ask GREAT questions?

In this episode, Jen & Janet dig in and discuss:

  • Why tweens are likely to lie (Hint: the tween — & teen — years are all about separating from your parents).
  • How your response to your son’s lies will influence his future behavior (Not-so-fun fact: If you consistently come down hard on your kids, they’re more likely to lie.)
  • When — and which — consequences are appropriate for boys caught in a lie?
  • The role of risk in boys’ development.
  • How parental hovering can interfere with boys’ development — and inadvertently increase the risk of injury or inactivity.
  • Why moms and female teachers may be boys’ most effective advocates!
  • How to advocate for boys without sounding sexist or anti-progressive.

Jen & Janet have a lot of fun recording these podcasts — as you can see in this fully uncut Youtube video. (Go to 3:30 if you want to see Jen & Janet crack up over a poop joke.)

Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 113:

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“I Didn’t Do It!” — Jen’s Scholastic Parent & Child article about why kids lie and how to foster truthfulness

Let Them Take Risks –  U.S. News article inspired by Jen’s 14 -year-old son

Encouraging Your Son to Take Healthy Risks — article by Jen

For Our Boys – BuildingBoys’ call for moms to advocate for boys

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